Logo competition for DataPortability.org: how to get the best

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Boldenone undecylenate nedir I love this kind of thinking. DataPortability.org, the extremely important web initiative I have written about before, needs a logo. Redhat claims that its existing logo is too similar to theirs.
Chris Saad, the chair of DataPortability.org, has launched an open competition to design the new logo, with the winner determined by open voting on the web from a short list selected by the steering group. This being a highly prominent initiative that is potentially enormously valuable to the whole ‘net community should attract some talented people. However Chris has also got a whole host of prominent people and companies who support the initiative to kick in prizes, to in fact make this a very attractive proposition to the winner. Prizes currently offered (with more continuing to come in) include:
Initial submisssions

Current prize list:

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Full details of how to submit logos and contribute prizes at Chris’s post on the DataPortability logo competition.
The submissions so far can be seen on Flickr’s DataPortability pool:
These include some who have posted their submission on their blogs too:

Ronald Lewis

Jason Bogovich

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