Future of Media Summit 2007

Future of Media Summit 2007 – Preliminary Agenda

Sydney – 18 July
Time Description
8:15 AM Registration

Presentation: Insights into the future of media

Ross Dawson, Chairman of Future Exploration Network, presents a summary of the research and insights created for the Future of Media Summit and Report.


Panel: User generated content meets mainstream media

Social media and mainstream media are merging. Journalists are blogging, newspapers and TV channels are asking users to submit photos and videos, and community newspapers are setting up social networks. How can established media best leverage user generated content, taking into account journalistic training, legal issues, intellectual property, links to classifieds, and other emerging issues?


Participant roundtables: Strategic discussions

The participant roundtables enable attendees to share and discuss issues of key interest with their peers. Participants choose to join the roundtable covering the most relevant topics. The outcomes from the strategy discussions will be compiled and shared with other participants.



Future of Media: San Francisco – 17 July
Time Description
4:30 PM Registration


5:20 – 5:50pm

Metaverse Publishing Implications from Second Life Experiences

This short presentation, conducted on CMP’s Dr Dobbs Island in Second Life,demonstrates how online virtual reality is creating new opportunities for building communities, presenting immersive content, and bringing buyers and sellers together around global events. Metaverse publishing can deliver spectacular ROI, and publishers are well-positioned to compete in this fast-growing market. Doing so, however, requires mastery of new technology, fine-tuned audience development, and new forms of metrics and analytics. Helix and CMP will present case studies from their growing portfolio of global research, including analysis of CMP’s recent Life 2.0 Summit — a recent virtual event that drew a combined audience of over 1000 Fortune 1000 C-level execs and software architects.

SYD, 18 JUL SF 17 JUL Description
11:00 AM 6:00 PM

Keynote conversation: Exploring new business models

A conversation between two media industry leaders in the US and Australia on emerging revenue and business models in media, including targetted advertising, paid attention, micropayments, the monetization of the long tail, and more. The focus will be on experiments made, lessons learned, and the likely path forward for the industry.

11:30 AM 6:30 PM

Cross-continental panel: Tapping the power of influence networks

Understanding influence networks is central to tapping the value of the emerging media landscape. Creating value in social networking platforms, blogging, social news, recommendation engines, and reputation systems requires insights into influencers and influence networks. This panel will uncover the state-of-the-art in uncovering influence networks, and likely directions.

12:15 PM 7:15 PM

Cross-continental panel: Global strategies for media

New distribution channels allow content creators anywhere to access global markets. A useful way to identify some of the variables across media markets is to compare key features of the US and Australian media markets, including industry structure, ownership concentration, scale, demographic, and technology platforms. This helps to identify appropriate global strategies for media industry participants.

Sydney – 18 July
Time Description
1:00 PM Buffet Lunch
1:20 PM

Panel: Mobility, shifting, and new media channels

Media is rapidly going mobile. Do consumers really want mobile media, and if so in what format? Who will the players and winners be? Advertisers and content creators decry content shifting through PVRs, mobile devices, and the web, but is there an opportunity there? What new media channels will rise the most rapidly?

2:00 PM

Close / Optional networking and conversation

Future of Media: San Francisco – 17 July
Time Description
4:30 PM Registration


8:00 PM

Networking: Drinks and Finger food