Our trend map for 2009: The vital Trends, Risks, and Red Herrings you must know

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Testosterone decanoate reviews Following our extremely popular Trend Blend 2007 and Trend Blend 2008 trend maps comes…. Trend Blend 2009!
Created by Future Exploration Network’s Chief Futurist Richard Watson, also of NowandNext.com, the 2009 trend map moves on from the subway map theme of the last years to show the multi-tentacled hydra that is the year ahead.
Click on the map to download the pdf (810KB)

To pick out just a few noteworthy elements of the trend map:
Buy anadrol 50mg CORE THEMES include:
Global Connectivity
Power Shift Eastwards
Buy steroid tablets online SUBJECT THEMES include:
Testosterone e sesso SOCIETY: Search for control, enoughism
http://steroidsbesthgh.com/will-arimidex-increase-testosterone_yc/ Will arimidex increase testosterone TECHNOLOGY: Simplicity, Telepresence, Gesture based computing
http://muscle-building-steroids.com/crazy-bal_cy/ Crazy bal ECONOMY: De-leveraging, 2-speed economies, Shorter product lifecycles
http://royalmaderavineyards.com/adding-dianabol-mid-cycle Adding dianabol mid cycle ENVIRONMENT: Bio fuel backlash, Negawatts, Nuclear power
http://jedaware.com/trenbolone-jealousy Trenbolone jealousy POLITICS: Virtual protests, Globalisation in retreat, Immigration backlash
Effects of low testosterone in males BUSINESS: Networked risk, Transparency, Asset price uncertainty
http://muscle-building-steroids.com/testosterone-made_8d/ Testosterone made FAMILY: Debt stress, Allowable luxuries, Middle class unrest
http://jedaware.com/proviron-wikipedia-espaГ±ol Proviron wikipedia espaГ±ol MEDIA: Flight to quality, Facebook fatigue, Skimming, Micro boredom
http://steroidsbesthgh.com/clenbuterol-vswith-the-t3_by/ Clenbuterol vswith the t3 POSSIBLE RED HERRINGS include:
Climate change crisis
Fall of US Empire
Nuclear power
Device convergence
Dbol test cycle help GLOBAL RISKS include:
Major Internet failure
Influenza pandemic
Major earthquake in economic centre
Electricity shortages
People taking trend maps too seriously
As usual, this is released on a Creative Commons license, so feel free to play with it, adapt it, and improve it!
Wishing everyone a fabulous 2009 – be sure to take advantage of these upcoming trends!