Future of Humanity

http://royalmaderavineyards.com/anadrol-50-mg-landerlan Anadrol 50 mg landerlan Given today’s extraordinary pace of change, any examination of the long-term future quickly brings us to considering the future of humanity.

How is testosterone produced This big-picture view should not just be of interest to us all personally, it is also extremely relevant to organizations of all kinds as they consider their future.

Map of the Decade

http://steroider-kobe.com/nugenix_bm/ Nugenix Our Map of the Decade framework provides a high-level overview of major themes shaping our world today.

Estrogen levels normal range Map of the Decade

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Scenario framework for 2030

For one of our clients in the global infrastructure industry that wished to look a couple of decades into the future we used scenario planning methodologies to create a framework to support their strategic thinking.

Below is a highly simplified framework derived from that project.

http://kenwoodliquors.com/clenbuterol-mechanism-of-action Clenbuterol mechanism of action SCENARIO FRAMEWORK FOR THE WORLD IN 2030

A traditional scenario process identifies two dimensions to uncertainty, that when combined produce a matrix of four scenarios. Once the framework is created, the full richness of trends and uncertainties uncovered in the research process are integrated into the scenarios. Here the two dimensions selected are:

Boldenone msds RESOURCES AVAILABILITY: Resource Poverty TO Resource Affluence

Availability and real cost of key resources including energy, food, water, and environmental stability.

http://muscle-building-steroids.com/anadrol-and-dianabol-for-sale_o5/ Anadrol and dianabol for sale Clenbuterol ketotifen t3 cycle COHESION: Cohesion TO Fragmentation

Cohesion of society, government, nations, and institutions.

Together these dimensions yield:

Great white peptides legit SCENARIO FRAMEWORK FOR THE WORLD IN 2030


http://steroider-kobe.com/buy-dianabol-steroids-tablets_pd/ Buy dianabol steroids tablets SCENARIO: SHOCK TREATMENT


  • Economic divergence: developed world stagnation
  • Protectionism rises and markets localise
  • Little global action on climate amid massive impact of global warming
  • China and India fragment
  • High-impact terrorism: bio, nuclear, radiation
  • Infrastructure becomes primarily private
  • Inexpensive and highly mobile labour
  • Immigration tensions and rioting
  • Urbanization accelerates, often in squalor

Best testosterone medication SCENARIO: NEW HORIZONS


  • Economic shift to East
  • Billions become middle class
  • New energy sources/ planetary engineering
  • Innovation yields food and health to the poorest
  • Artificial intelligence applied to real-world issues
  • Robotics attenuates impact of aging workforce
  • Life extension for the wealthy, retirement age rises
  • Remote work leads to more distributed living
  • Affluence drives tourism and travel



  • Climate becomes extreme and volatile
  • Food and water shortages, famine and pandemics
  • Global coordinated action on climate
  • Trade liberalisation accelerates, EU extends
  • Corporate activity driven by triple bottom line
  • Social entrepreneurs invest $100 billion and seed a billion enterprises
  • Cities become compact and resource efficient
  • Rise of public/ shared transport



  • Fluid global economy
  • International outsourcing of most functions
  • Mega-corporations become lean and micro-business rises
  • Market solutions for environment
  • Governments lose control and ability to tax
  • Agents seek best price for everything/ customer loyalty is zero/ commoditisation of everything
  • Distributed energy and manufacturing
  • New capital markets, volatile financial markets

Explore the Future of Humanity

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