Internet video and video on demand

By Ross Dawson on April 19, 2006 | Permalink

Of all the media trends that are around at the moment one of the biggest is digital video. This is variously called video on demand, mobile video and Internet video. Whatever you call it it’s changing the media landscape forever thanks in part to devices like Apple¹s video iPod and tie ups like the recently announced deal between Pixar and Disney, which puts Apple firmly in the driving seat when it comes to unlocking Disney¹s digital attic. Of course there are still issues like bandwidth, but the rapid uptake of broadband will partly solve that problem. Implications? We’ll be watching a lot more old (retro) TV and film content as and when the digital archives are opened up. We’ll also be watching what we want, when we want on whatever device we want which will lead to a further decline in families sitting down to watch TV together. Families will still be watching TV but they’ll be watching different shows on different devices in different places.