Innovation Timeline 1900 – 2050: what we might invent in the next few decades

By Ross Dawson on March 2, 2007 | Permalink

Following the big success of the Trend Blend 2007+ trend map, Future Exploration Network partner organization has followed up with an Innovation Timeline 1900-2050. It represents visually (and as usual somewhat tongue in cheek) the development of innovation from 1900, starting with the tape recorder, safety razor, tabloid newspaper, aeroplane and cornflakes, and flowing up to 2050, before when we may see such fun, delightful, and useful things as baby exchanges, compulsory biometric ID, sleep surrogates, VR enhancing drugs, face recognition doors, robotic pest control, prison countries, 3D fax, gravity tube, self-repairing roads, reputation trading, individual pollution credits, digital mirrors, stress control clothing, and far, far more. Have a look and play with the ideas. It will be interesting to see whether this gets as much traction as the Trend Blend 2007+ trend map.


Click here to download the full Innovation Timeline 1900 – 2050 (pdf).
Also see Richard Watson’s blog post on this.

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